14 May 2008

Statue of Queen Victoria

Still in Victoria Square - this time it's a statue of Queen Victoria whom the square was named after shortly after her death in 1901. During her reign it was still called Council House Square. It used to be a busy junction of three main roads: Colmore Row, New Street and Paradise Street.

The square is often considered to be the centre of Birmingham, and is apparently the point from where local road sign distances are measured.

The statue you see in the photo is a 1951 bronze recast by William Bloye of Thomas Brock's original 1901 marble figure. It is located next to the town on the left of the square, when facing the Council House.


babooshka said...

Ah, an image I reacll. You're doing a grand job with these posts. Just about the right amount of info and lovely pic to boot.

You have rekindled a long dead interest in my old stomping ground. My virtual tours are a diverting excursion.

ShutterSpy said...

I'm so glad :-D

It makes it all worthwhile :-D

Anonymous said...

Your photos are very interesting and being published with good information.
Loved them.
Thanks for your comments on mine.
Hope we can keep in "blogtouch".

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