20 May 2008

Needless Alley

There's no need!

Leading away from the Bullring is New Street which runs to Victoria Square, joined by many other small roads. One such road is Needless Alley.

The first record of Needless Alley was in 1731 but other than that, there isn't a great deal of information available.


babooshka said...

How have you managed to get this devoid of people? It's excellent. The reflection with running parallel then veering off at the top end is bostin.'

What about the rag market? Is that safe for photographers?

ShutterSpy said...

I've never visited the rag market, but I know it's in Edgebaston Street near St. Martin's Church.

The trouble is, it costs me £3 whenever I go into the city centre, so I need to have another reason for going.

I'll let you know :-D

ShutterSpy said...

Oh, as to how I got it devoid of people, that bit was easy - it's not too busy up there (it is needless after all!), but standing back far enough without standing in the way of the impatient people in New Street was difficult - I think this was the only photo I managed to take and it was taken somewhat hurridly!

babooshka said...

£3. I have been away so long. I spent hours in the rag market when I was a teenager.

Re selling photos online. It can be done. I wouldn't be able to make a living on this island without the net.

Can you email me? Go to my profile page, my email address is there. Got some info and links to send to you that should be useful. Too much to drop in a comments box.

Gail's Man said...

Like the style and typography of the street signs in the city centre. Very friendly on the eye.

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