30 September 2008

Model boat II

Another model boat belonging to a member of the Bournville Model Yacht and Power Boat Club.

29 September 2008

Model boat I

A model boat belonging to a member of the Bournville Model Yacht and Power Boat Club.

28 September 2008

27 September 2008

Bournville Model Yacht and Power Boat Club building doorway

A closer view of the club building from yesterday.

26 September 2008

Bournville Model Yacht and Power Boat Club building

A small wooden building provides the base for Bournville Model Yacht and Power Boat Club.

Behind me when I took the photo is a small lake/large pond with boats sailing on it. In fact, only the club members are permitted to sail their model craft on the water.

25 September 2008

Hard disk corruption

My hard disk has corrupted. All my photos are on it. Is there no end to this?

I shall carry on posting for as long as possible - I have some uploaded and I shall try and take some more.

I hope this wont be the last straw for my readers :(

Bournville's high street

If we move further towards Bournville's high street, we find a lovely row of old-fashioned shops.

23 September 2008

Bournville Rest House

This rest house was biult to celebrate the Silver Wedding Anniversary of George and Elizabeth Cadbury, but first I should maybe explain about Bournville and its relation to Mr. Cadbury and his now world famous chocolate.

Bournville must be one of the nicest places in Birmingham. To understand how it came to be so, one needs to look back to 1879 when George and Richard Cadbury moved their chocolate factory from Bridge Street (near The Mailbox) in the centre of Birmingham to a rural area near Bournbrook Hall in the hope that it would be easy to develop and there was a canal and railway station nearby, which would be necessary for the transportation of their products. They named this new place after Bourn Brook (known now as The Bourn).

At the time, most workers were paid poor wages and their living conditions were cramped and the working conditions very hard. However, the Cadburys were Quakers and they believed in providing their workers were better accommodation and working conditions (although still nowhere near today's standards). A similar set-up can be found at Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Village near Manchester.

The rest house is now used to house local information.

22 September 2008

Athletic Pavillion, Bournville

Also known as the Cadbury Cricket Pavillion and the Coronation Cricket Pavillion (it was given in commemoration of the coronation of King Edward VII), this impressive building was a gift to the Bournville Cricket Club (from whom, I don't know) and was opened in June 1902.

21 September 2008

Vain statue!

The statue is admiring its own reflection!

I don't think that's the idea, but I don't know who the statue is supposed to be of, so you never know!

The statue is outside the Cadbury World building, Bournville.

20 September 2008

Cadbury World, Bournville

Yesterday's building behind the fence was Cadbury World - a visit to which involves a tour around a museum about the history of chocolate, the Cadbury familiy and their products.

19 September 2008

Through the fence

Does anyone know what the well-known building behind the fence is?

18 September 2008

Juvenile ducks, Worcester and Birmingham Canal, Bournville

Still by the canal, but this time a group of juvenile ducks. Strictly speaking, they're not much to do with Birmingham except that they're Birmingham ducks, but here they are.

17 September 2008

Falstaff, Worcester and Birmingham Canal, Bournville

I've posted two canal pictures already, but I may as well show you one more.

Is 'Falstaff' the name of the boat, or an indication as to its manufacturer or model?

15 September 2008

Barge on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, Bournville

About a month ago, I went to Bournville and Selly Oak, in response to a comment from someone asking for photos of the canal there. Unfortunately, I cannot find the comment, so I don't know who posted it, but I can finally say here is a photo!


The phone line has finally been mended!

I'm so sorry for such a long delay, especially after the delays caused by the computer breakage.

As with the previous problems, it may take a while to get back to normal, so please still expect sporadic posting for a (hopefully) short time. Catching up with your posts will also take a while.

Thank you for your patience and for sticking with the blog!


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