15 May 2008

Birmingham Muesum & Art Gallery

Moving on to Chamberlain Square...

Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery was opened in 1885. Its collection is of international importance and covers fine art, ceramics, jewellery, metalwork, archaeology, ethnography and local and industrial history.

The building itself is an extension of the Council House which was built less than a decade before. A footbridge connects the museum to the 1911-1919 Council House Extension block (now also part of the Museum and Art Gallery).

There is no entrance fee as it is funded by Birmingham City Council, although donations are very welcome.

1 comment:

babooshka said...

I used to love this place. Again it seems there are new additions. I love the guy walking in the centre and the long lead up to the steps.Puts it in context.Great info too.

Btw. On Northwest news BBC last night they reported how Manchester had been taken over by thousands of Rangers fans. They refered to it as the second city. The cheek!

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