12 May 2008

A little light history

Before I start, I want to make it clear to everyone form the start...I don't like Birmingham.

Shock, horror!

I make no secret of it: I've never really liked Birmingham, preferring instead the countryside. I live in hope...

So anyway, I'm a 'Brummie' born and bred (although I have only a hint of the usually strong accent). For those of you not in the know, and I think even many Brummies aren't in the know, people from Birmingham are called 'Brummies' as opposed to 'Birmies' because Birmingham was originally Bromwicham which is why in the north-west of Birmingham you will find West Bromwich.

Over the centuries Birmingham has grown from a tiny village on the banks of the River Rea to become the second city in England. The name probably dates from Anglo-Saxon times:

Brem or Berm = an Anglo-Saxon name
ingas = descendants
ham = the home
Thus: The home of the descendants of Brem/Berm

In the 1300s, Peter de Bermingham (his surname being derived from the name of the city - 'Peter of Birmingham') was the lord of the manor. His name was spelt in various ways even in his lifetime. The spelling 'Birmingham' was not used consistently until the 1700s. Today Birmingham is still sometimes referred to as Brummagem or Brum, and likewise the people are known as Brummies.

Here are 144 different historical spellings of Birmingham:

Brumwycham Bermyngeham Bromwycham Burmyngham Bermyngham Byrmyngham Bromicham Brimingham Bermingham Bermicham Brymyncham Bremisham Bremischam Bermengeham Byrmincham Bermicham Bermyncham Bermingeham Burmyncham Bermingham Bremingham Birmincham Bromycham Byrmicham Birmyngeham Bourmyneham Bermynghem Berkmyngham Birmygam Brimicham Bremicham Bremmencham Brimcham Burmingham Bromidgham Brinningham Brimingeham Bermingham Berningham Brummigham Bermecham Brimidgham Burmyngeham Bermynehelham Byrmegham Bormingham Birmyngham Burymyngham Brymyngeham Bremichem Brymyccham Brunningham Bruinidgham Bromwicham Byrmingham Byrmyncham Birmyncham Brumingham Brumingam Brummingham Birmicham Brinnicham Brymegham Birmingham Bromincham Birminchan Bromisham Brimmingham Byrmyngeham Barmegam Burmedgeham Birmingeham Byrmingeham Burmegham Burmygham Burmigham Bormyngeham Bremyngham Burmincham Byrmycham Brymmyngeham Birminghame Birmyngehame Brymicham Bermengham Birmingecham Bermicheham Byrmingecham Brymyncham Byrminham Brimisham Burmigam Brimigam Birmingcham Buringham Beringham Burmicham Brammingham Brumigham Burmyngcham Bremecham Brimechame Bermyngam Brymysham Burmycham Birmyngcham Burmicheham Bermgham Berrmgham Byrmigeham Brimmigham Brymingham Brymyngham Birymincham Brymincham Byrmyngcham Byrmingcham Birmingcham Burmucham Brimmidgham Burmegam Burmycham Brumegume Brummidgham Bromidgome Bremingem Burmegum Brumigam Brumicham Brummingsham Burningham Bermingaham Bremingam Brymynham Brymygeham Bormycham Brymyngiam Bremyngeham Brimyncham Brymmyngham Brymycham Brymyham Brymyscham Brummagem

According to Wikipedia, Birmingham is also known as the 'Second City', 'Workshop of the World' and 'City of a Thousand Trades', the first being a reference to the fact that Birmingham is the second largest city of the UK and the latter two referring to Birmingham's successful industry.

Birmingham, Alabama, USA is named after Birmingham, UK.

Naturally, there's a huge amount of history, but I won't bore you with it all here - I'll try to bore you a bit more with each photo instead!

I hope you enjoy Birmingham Daily Photo (and I hope I can keep it going long enough!)


babooshka said...

Thanks for the history lesson. I too am Brum born, bought up in the Black country, and left at my earliest opportunity. Because I don't live there now, or want to I can now appreciate at a safe distance, via your blog.

Glad you have pointed out it's the second city. Really annoys me when it's refered to as Manchester.

ShutterSpy said...

I've never heard Manchester being called the second city.

Personally, I don't really mind which is the second city, I just don't want to be in it! :-D

lynn said...

I've not heard it being Manchester either. Anyway i'm glad you're here! Can we have some pictures of diamonds please in the jewellery quarter, can we? :) sorry.......couldn't stop myself.

ShutterSpy said...

I can certainly try. I don't know when I'm next in the city centre though :)

Stephen Wolfe said...

I only thought it appropriate that I stop and say hello from the other Birmingham, in Alabama, USA. You caught me off guard for a minute because I knew I had never seen some of the sites, but I quickly realized you were the original.

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