19 May 2008

Bullring: lower Selfridges balcony

You ain't see no Brumies yet!

...So here are two standing on the lower balcony of the Selfridges section of the Bullring.


babooshka said...

If it wasn't for the clothes this would be a classic 60's image. Sure you didn't pose them? Timing spot on.

Thanks for updating me on life over there re the Pallasades vs the Bullring. Very interesting develpoments.

Good to see you're on the around the world blog.

ShutterSpy said...

No, I didn't pose them! I was a bit worried photographing them though, because you know what people are like - 'Argh! Paedophile! Pervert!' etc. I thought they might come over and start javing a go at me, but they didn't. I think if I had been using the compact camera, it would have looked more amateurish and therefore a bit more suspicious, but I was using the hybrid which looks a bit more professional and hopefully less 'dodgy'!

I'm enjoying doing BDP so far - I just hope I don't run out of history and things to photogrpah too soon! :-D

babooshka said...

Check out the size of Ramsey. Now that is small. Believe me you will always have something to photograph, cus i'll be putting in requests.

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