06 June 2008

Hard a-starboard

Pictured is a canal barge on the Worcester and Birmingham canal, in Gas Street Basin, Birmingham city centre.

The Worcester and Birmingham Canal links, as its name suggests, Worcester and Birmingham. It starts at the River Severn in Worcester and ends in Gas Street Basin in Birmingham. It is 29 miles (47km) long.

The canal slopes upwards towards Birmingham and requires fifty-eight locks altogether, including the thirty Tardebigge Locks - one of the largest lock flights in Europe.

The construction of the canal was finished in 1815.


mannanan said...

What great memories your fantastic picture of Gas Street basin is bringing back as it's one of my favourite places in Brumagem. Keep them coming........

ShutterSpy said...

Thanks :)

Sorry for the sporadic posting at the moment though. I'm not sure when the computer will arrive lol

babooshka said...

I have been through several locks on these canals. Great work. Hope you're back up and at us again soon. A you see you have another fan.

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