03 June 2008

Friendly News

As the Salvation Army marches off to another part of Birmingham, we'll move on too, this time to Kings Heath.

This old, boarded-up shop is at 91 Addison Road B14 7EP. I don't know how long it's been closed for, but the upstairs flat isn't boarded up so it's possible that part of it is still in use, although from what one can see from the ground, even this looks fairly empty.

I almost posted a photo showing more of the shop to show what a dump Birmingham is, as it included no fewer than nine bags full of rubbish dumped by the bin outside, but I decided to concentrate on the shop itself.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's helpful to look at planning applications for an address like this.

This place had one in May 2006 for a fast food takeaway. There are places nearby that have been disused and in sad shape for considerably longer.

Splendid photo though.

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