28 July 2008

Victoria Wine --> Threshers

I reported on Friday that Victoria Wine was repainted red. Actually, the post was a bit late because I (shock horror!) schedule some posts in advance, and that one got posted later than I had inteded, so by the time it was posted, I knew the secret of why it was red anyway.

So, anyway, it's tme to show you some photos of its transition.

The new signs and a pile of old letters.

Now this one makes me cringe. I'll tell you why. When taking photos of people, especially random people in the street, you have to be confident and friendly and you have to communicate well if they take being photographed the wrong way. Unfortunately, while I can communicate well (I think!), I'm not very confident, so when these men turned round, I got really worried and I think I asked them in a weak voice 'do you mind?' (!) and mumbled something about a photoblog, when what I really meant was 'do you mind if I photograph you for my photoblog?'. I hope they didn't take it the wrong way. Personally, I think they just thought I was nuts!

The completed Threshers.

1 comment:

Gail's Man said...

I'm not too happy about photographing people either. So I try to be quite discrete about it. Obviously at shows and exhibitions it's a lot easier, as people expect that sort of thing, especially if they're standing next to cars or some promotional cause.

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