05 July 2008

Salvation Army: A moment of reflection

Another photo of the Salvation Army in the city centre


babooshka said...

Just realised your're back. I will spread the word around. Thta'a fabulous portrait. Those faces really are solemn.


This photo is really peaceful... They look kind of sad but at the same time at peace.
I love your blog, all the pics are great!


mannanan said...

Just love this photo. Great capture. Any chance of more canal shots maybe around Selly oak?

ShutterSpy said...

Babooshka: Yes, I'm back, but it's taken far longer than I anticipated to get everything back to normal :(

At the moment, I have no new photos :-S well, apart from one lol

I'm doing my best though :)

jamjarsuperstar: Thanks :)

Mannanan: Thanks too :) And I can try and get some Selly Oak canal photos, although I can't quite remember seeing a canal there. I'll see what I can do though :-D

mannanan said...

It's the Birmingham and Worcester canal.....Leaves Worcester and comes up through Tardebigge where there is a brilliant set of locks before entering I think Wasthills tunnel.....Then comes out just before Kings Norton, passes Cotteridge then Stirchley, Bournville and Cadbury's before going under Raddlebarn Road at the side of the Country Girl Selly Oak and then goes under the Bristol Road by where the Birmingham Battery used to be. then onto Gas Street basin via Edgbaston.....Cheers

babooshka said...

Are you part of city daily blogs yet. Join. Submit your blog. The daily photographer in Birmingham Alambama may want to do a photo sawp with you for sept. theme day, just one photo.
It's the best place to get traffic to your blog, I'd hate you to miss out. Sure Birmingham will be more popular than you realise.

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