04 August 2008

Big Dickens Wood forest school

Tucked away in Big Dickens Wood, Dickens Heath is a 'forest school' belonging to, and built by, Tidbury Green School. The forest school is a small area of woodland marked out with blue rope and contains within the boundaries a fire place surrounded by log seats and fences made of logs and sticks from the wood. Around this there are materials suitable for building small shelters. The area is also used for physical education lessons. The school has given the local cubs permission to use it. May I point out that not only is this highly irregular in England in this day and age of over-zealous health and safety, this is downright astounding in Birmingham!*

*Actually it's Solihull, but it has a B postcode, so it's still astounding!


Anonymous said...

Really good to see forest school photo here - it is part of Forest School in Solihull, we operate on a number of B' sites www.solihullforestschool.org.uk
Its is a fantastic site and part of a growing phenomenon in the UK.
Actually,the Land Onwer gave permission for both us and the Scouts to use the land!

ShutterSpy said...

Darn! I meant to mention the scouts. Thanks :)

By the way, I tried the website, but it apparently doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

oops it solihullforestschool.org and I just checked we are still there

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